Indian railway is a largest railway network of the world. At 2013 -2014 about 23 million passengers daily travel in Indian railway.Reservation and booking of train ticket is not so easy from railway platforms.Best and easy way to book train ticket online . To book or reserve train ticket online follow some easy steps.

step 1

Go to Indian railway ticket booking website “  “or  click here . If you are new user click on the link “sign up “.If you have already a username and password then skip step 2.

Step 2

In new window fill the following details

  • in username tab fill your desired user name. for example : manumanu26
  • In the security question field set any of question form the list. If you forgot password this security question help you to recover your account. for example set . What is your father maiden name ?
  • write your answer of your set question. your father name. example: “jone”
  • after that fill all of the mandatory fields like . first name, last name, date of birth etc.
  • At the end of the screen click on submit button.
  • After you click on sign in
Book Train Ticket Online of Indian Railway
Book Train Ticket Online of Indian Railway

step 3

  • In the left upper field From fill the station name from where you want to travel. For example if you plan travel delhi to amritser then fill Delhi in from field.
  • Next field to fill the station name Amritser.
  • Next select journy date in field
  • click on submit
Indian railway ticket booking
Indian railway ticket booking

step 4

  • In the middle of screen all train list of selected root is displayed. select any of train in which you want to travel.
  • Select the train in which you want to travel.And go the end of the row of selected train. Now select the class,like sleeper class,second class AC ,first class AC etc and click on it.on the upper side of the screen seat availability status is displayed.If seats available then click on the button “book now“.
  • Fill the required passenger’s details like, name of the passenger ,date of birth,birth choice and make payment.after successful payment you can print ticket.
Select Train for booking
Select Train for booking

For more knowledge see the video below