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How To Check Traffics Sources Of Your YouTube Videos


Check the traffic sources of your YouTube videos to determine best traffic source for your channel

My Channel And Video Manager
My Channel And Video Manager

Check Traffic source is the way to learn where the traffics is coming to your YouTube channel . To check the incoming source go to youtube.com . And login to your account . Then click on the My Channel in left sidebar .

Go to analytics tab

Traffics sources
Traffics sources

After that click on Video manager . In video manager page ,find Analytics tab left side menu bar and click on it .

Under the Analytics tab click on the tab “Traffic Sources” .In this page you can see all of traffic sources for you you-tube channel .There are eleven type of traffics sources in this list . You can check that from which source you get more traffic . Sources list is as follows .

Type of traffics sources

Basic Traffic sources


  • YouTube search: When user go to youtube website and try to search for specific type of videos and your videos shows in the list and user click on it . Then this type of source is know as you-tube search traffic . This type traffic is very valuable to increase the views of videos.
  • External : Traffics from websites and apps that embed your video s or link to your video on You-Tube. Prior to June 1, 2015, this excludes embeds and app traffics.
  • Suggested videos: Views from suggestions appearing alongside or after other videos.
  • Direct or unknown:  Traf fic from direct URL entry, bookmarks and unidentified apps.
  • Other YouTube features: 
  • Browse features: Its comes from the homepage/home screen, the subscription feed, and other browsing features. Includes both signed-in and signed-out users.
  • Playlist : When user click on your playlist and watch the video , it is known as playlist traffics .
  • Playlist Page :  When visitor come on your playlists page and watch the video .
  • YouTube channel: When user type your channel name is web browser and search specifically for your videos .
  • Notifications: When other user recommend your videos or click on video link inserted in the descriptions .
  • Video cards and annotations : This type of users comes from your videos when user click on video cards on annotations places on the video .