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How to Choose Your Next Smartphone?


Over the past few years, phones have become complex with more features available to consumers. As a result, you need to be able to stay more on top of the game with the latest smartphones in the market. For instance, most phones now act as smart mobile offices and as wallets. At times, they may be used in important business transactions. You need to have the best device to become more efficient. This guide will cover a broad range of areas so that you can know what to choose.
Choosing the OS:

Android OS Smartphone

Android smartphone is the most popular OS found on phones around the world. The OS offers more flexibility to consumers that the iOS. In addition, the platform runs on an open source basis. That means you can find more widgets that are customized to your particular tastes. In addition, some manufacturers that rely on Android such as Samsung also add features to the software. That means it is possible to conduct a wider array of tasks with the phones.

IOS Vs Android Smartphone
IOS Vs Android Smartphone


All the latest iPhones come fitted with the iOS 9 version. This OS is quite revolutionary. Users will now have access to a wide array of enhancements. Some noteworthy features are the Notes feature, which has received an upgrade. In addition, Siri is more proactive in its suggestions. The Maps app also has some new updates. In addition, you can work from across some iOS-based devices without any compatibility issues.

Windows Platform Phone

The Windows Phones have not caught up since their inception. In addition, the new Windows 10 smartphone has not made a major impact on consumers. The most attractive features of these phones are the Universal apps. These apps work both on mobile and desktop platforms. It will help to increase the number of apps available on the Windows app store. With the Continuum feature, you can run the Windows 10 mobile platform on your desktop if you have the right dock. Microsoft is trying to get some partners on board such as the HP Elite X3. However, they need to deliver the Surface phone to make a real impact.


As of now, the trend is towards bigger screens. However, there are still smaller and average sized screens available to consumers. The reason you need to buy small screens is how compact it feels in your hand. As a result, navigating the screen with your thumb will be quite easy. However, the options in the small screen category are getting fewer. Only a few compact size devices such as the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and iPhone SE are still available.

Medium Sized Screens

It is the Goldilocks region of screens. They are screens between 4.5 to 5.2 inches. Most of the phones that use this screen are quite powerful and comfortable to use. Among them is the Galaxy S7, with 5.1 inches. The iPhone 6s with 4.7 inches is also quite comfortable to use.

Large Screens

These phones are known as tablets. They have a screen 5.5 inches or greater. These are the Galaxy Note 5, which has 5.7 inches and the iPhone 6s at 5.5 inches. These devices are perfect for game playing and watching videos. In addition, if you are a fan of eBooks, you will love these phones.

Quality of the display

Besides screen size, the quality of the display is also important. As of the sharpest screen in the world is the Galaxy S7. It offers 2,560 x 1440 pixels. The HTC 10 also has this resolution. It is known as a quad display. The iPhone 6s is fitted with full-HD, which offers 1080P resolution. If the resolution is below 720P, you might lose some clarity on your movies and games. Brightness is another important feature. It allows you read the screen even when you are out in the sun.


If your phone is your primary camera, you need a powerful camera. Ensure that the device has a camera that is at least 12 megapixels. Besides that watch out for pixelation, speed, aperture, and image quality. Currently, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have the clearest cameras. They can take quality images even in low light. It is mostly due to the quick auto focus and wide aperture. When choosing the aperture, ensure the lower, the better.


Smartphones Processors
Smartphones Processors

For Android smartphone, go for the Snapdragon 820. It is far more efficient than Snapdragon 810. A good processor leads to better graphics and more battery savings. The Apple A9 chip is also in a class of its own. It offers more performance and better graphics than the A8. Snapdragon 600 is more the mid-level performance. Snapdragon 400 is for the entry-level devices.


There are many other features to watch out for, such as RAM. Never purchase a device that offers only 1GB RAM. Besides, watch out for the battery life. The battery capacity will determine how long a battery lasts. Ensure that the device you purchase comes with at least 16GB of storage. These features will help you get the new phone that is both functional and value for money.
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