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How To Clean Laser Optics


How To Clean Laser Optics

How to clean Laser Optics: laser optics are the very sensitive and costly parts of laser cutting and engraving machine. So taking care and regular cleaning of the laser optics is the best way to reduce cost and a long life of laser optic. There are mainly two type of optics laser lens and mirror

How To Clean Laser Optics
How To Clean Laser Optics-Tectrick.org

Cleaning of Laser Lens:

Laser lens is used for focus laser beam on target. Laser lens are coated with heat resistant solvents for long life .so It is advised to not to use harsh chemicals and hard surface for cleaning lens. And avoid rub the lens hardly during cleaning of the optic.

Some most common laser optics cleaner is “pure alcohol” or “Acetone “. Take The lens or mirror on a soft tissue paper and dip the ear cleaning bud with one of the above solvent and rub lightly on both surfaces of laser lens and One surface of laser mirror which is reflected the light. Don’t use hard paper or surface for lens, Avoid optics to contacting with dust and re install it. .

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