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How To Configure TP Link WiFi Repeater Or WiFi Booster


Step by step guide to setup TP Link WiFi Range Extender

Hello friends , A WiFi repeater is also known as wifi booster or WiFi range extender .In this article i am going to show you how to setup or install tplink WiFi Repeater .After configuration of wifi booster ,your wifi signal will extended .To setup the repeater open the wifi booster device using web browser .Scan the available wifi networks and select the specific network which you want to extend . wifi booster is the best way to spread the wifi signal in wide area .

You can configure your Tp Link repeater with two methods .

  1. Using LAN cable
  2. Or using WiFi connection

In this article i am showing the wireless method to install wifi range extender .For the configuration you have required

  • A Tp Link wifi repeater
  • Working WiFi connection 
  • A WiFi enabled Laptop or Desktop or Smartphone for configuration 

Installation Guide

#1 Open Repeater in web browser

Open web browser in your laptop ,desktop or android . Type “tplinkrepeater.net” and hit enter .Now a prompt will open.

Type username and password to open the wifi extender in web browser .By default

  • username : “admin”
  • password:  “admin”

Both are in small letters and without quotes . Then click on login button. In this new page create new username and password for your tp link extender . You can choose any username for it . But i recommend you always set wifi repeater password same as your wifi modem password . It provide you to better connection .

For example if your wifi modem password is 123 then you have to set your wifi extender password as same 123 .Then click on “configure” button .

#2 Select Region

In the quick setup page click on the downside arrow and select your county from dropdown list. Then click “Next“.

#3 Scan Available Wifi Networks

Wait for while the network scanning complete . All available wifi networks will displayed in the following list .Select the desired wifi network which you want to extend . Suppose my wifi name is Dlink and i want to boost this wifi signal then i will select Dlink from the list.

Type the password of your wifi network and click next button .

If you want to Hide SSID of your extended signal then select this option otherwise leave it blank . After that click on Finish button . your Tp link wifi repeater will rebooted . After reboot your wifi signal will extended .

Plug in Tp link WiFi repeater

Plug in your Tp Link WiFi range extender on that place where your wifi signal is week .With this way your wifi signal will boosted .

When your repeater is connected with wifi network .Minimum 3 lights are on in the extender device .