Create Favicon.ico or Icon file With Adobe Photoshop

Favicon.ico or favicon icon file is a favorite icon file for any website .To create favicon using photoshop follow these steps .

Step 1 Download Plugin to Add extension

Favicon.ico file is a icon file . So you need to save you created file as icon in photoshop . By default save as .ICO option is not available in photoshop . To create this option download icoformat win64 plugin or  icoformat win32 plugin . Click here to download plugin .

For of file are plugin files are different . For 32 bit photoshop version download icoformat win32 plugin file . And 64 bit photoshop version download icoformat win64 file .

If you download wrong version file than it not works .

Install plugin

After download the plugin install it on your adobe photoshop application . Learn how to install a plugin in photoshop .

Create a new blank transparent document

create a new document
create a new document 

After install plugin . Click on File menu and then click on New . Create a new document with transparent background and “width” is 64 pixels ,”height” is 64 pixels and resolution is 72 pixels .

Change color of your background according your choice . Write text or paste image ,which you want to choose as favicon of your website .

Resize Image

After create document ,click on image tab and then click on image size in top menu . Change height and width in image size form . Set height to 16 px and width to 16 px and Screen Resolution to 72 px .

Save file as .ico

Save as ICO widows icon file format
Save as ICO widows icon file format

After that click on save as button in File menu . Rename your file as “favicon.ico” . In file type dropdown menu select file format is “ICO windows icon”  and click ok to save .