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How To Create Website Yourself – Learn Web Designing


How to Create a website Yourself

From Last decade internet is spreading all over the world , even metro cities to small towns . Creating Website is a way to increase access of your business , in market with low cost . In this article guide you how to create your own website .

Know you have Three options to create a website yourself .

  • First Method is you want to create your website yourself by coding such as HTML ,CSS ,
  • Second Method option is use any free website builder software to create website such as WIX . No coding knowledge is required for this type of software .
  • Third Method you can use free web development scripts such as wordpress , prestashop , joomla etc to create website . With create websites in this scripts any beginner can create a  website . All of the scripts are free .

Method #1

If you choose First method to create website ,then you need some basic knowledge of coding and web development

After read this choose website type according your requirement .

There are basically three types . General website , Blog , and eCommerce website . This is the basic classification . Before start your own website decide which type of web-site you have required .

To decide which type of website you have required read this 

eCommerce Website Vs Blog (General Website)

After that you are ready to create you website . Now purchase a domain name .

Step #1  Buy Domain Name

After choose web type , you have required a domain name for your website . Domain name is a name provided by domain registrars . It is a unique name for your website . Purchase domain name from any domain registrars .

Domain name sellers

Step #2  Purchase Web Hosting

Second step is purchase a web hosting plan from a good web host . Web hosting is space on web server provided by you from your host . Without web hosting your website would not live on internet .

Want to learn more about web hosting ? Read

I suggest you to choose shared hosting for you website if you want to start a small business website .

Note : Step 1 and Step 2 is required in all methods of web designing .

Method #2

Step 1 and Step 2 is required in this methods also web . After book domain name and by web hosting go to following .

In this method you have no need to coding knowledge to create website . Many free software are available on internet to create websites . Wix , Webydo , Ibuilt , Moonfruit etc are some popular free software to create website .

In this you select website templet ,change styles , upload images and create web page . But In free versions of these software have limitations .

Method #3

In this method you are used free scripts like wordpress ,prestashop ,joomla etc . In this method step 1 and step 2 is also required .

After purchase web hosting , your web host provide you a control panel . This is also called cPanel . Web host provide you username and password to login cpanel .

Login to cPanel

Login to cPanle and go to the software section . Click on softaculous . cPanel has a pre installed software softaculous . With help of this of this software you can install any script with some clicks .

Learn how to install scripts using softaculous


For Video Help Click here To install scripts using softaculous

After installation script you will get an admin url of your website and a public URL of website . By click on admin URL you can access you website’s back end ,where you upload images , create pages and post without any coding .

From Public URL of your website anyone can access you webpage front end .

On tectrick.org have many tutorials to how to create website using different scripts . Check the following links

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In these links you will find detailed tutorials about creating website with scripts .