Step by step guide to find printer model name and install driver without driver CD

To install printer driver without printer cd ,there is two ways . Download printer driver form internet and install it . Or install printer drivers from default printer drivers provided in Microsoft windows . Second method is only the alternative is you don’t have internet . By install default drive user can miss some basic functions .

Methods to find printer model

Printer model is printed on in front of printer or on back side of printer . So you can find model name on it . But in case model name sticker is scratched or damaged then you can use alternative methods to find it .

Method 1

Go to start and then go to “Devices and printers ” . In the “printer and faxes” section all of printers are listed . You can check model name here .

Method 2

Go to start , then my computer or computer . Right click on it . On context menu click on “Manage “. Computer management window will open . In the left menu ,click to expand “System tools” . Click on “device manager” . in the right window go to “imaging devices” . Click on it to expand it . All of printer are listed in this section .

Find printer model name


Ways to Install printer driver

Method 1

Some of latest printers are plug and play . So first method to install driver , turn the printer on and insert USB in your CPU .Printer driver is automatically installed . If printer is not plug and play then you have to require download and install it .


Method 2

Search for printer driver
Search for printer driver

With this method you have required internet connection to install printer driver . Right click on printer name and then click on “update driver software” .Select the option “Search automatically for Updated driver software ” . With this way your printer driver is installed .


Update printer driver


Method 3

Right click on printer name and click on “update driver software” .Select the option “browse my computer for driver software ” . After that select option “Let me pick from a list of device……..” . Device models are display in the list . Select the printer name from the list and click “Next” . Printer driver is installed .

Pick printer driver


Method 4

Find your printer model name and go to printer’s manufacturer’s website .Download driver for this specific model printer . And install it .

All of these methods are useful to install printer driver software without driver cd .