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How To Hard Reset Micromax Unite 2 A106


Hard reset Micromax unite 2 A106 smartphone

Hard reset is like factory reset of mobile phone and smart phone. Hard reset is required when you forgot unlock password and forgot your login gmail ID.If your smartphone is going stuck and hanged several times than hard reset of smartphone is very useful. Take care of some things before hard reset of your andorid device.

  • After hard reset,all of data is permanently removed.So create a back up of your smartphone data.
  • Fully charge smartphone or android battery before doing hard reset.
  • Remove memory card before hard reset of phone.
  • Data cable,computer or laptop is required.
Hard Reset Micromax-Unite-2-A106
Hard Reset Micromax-Unite-2-A106

Steps To Hard reset

  1. To hard reset micromax unite 2 A106 smartphone switch off the device.
  2. Remove memory card from phone.
  3. Press volume up,volume down and power power button for three seconds.
  4. Select the Recovery Mode option by pressing power button once.
  5. Now press power button once again to see the recovery menu.
  6. In the recovery menu select the “Wipe Data” option. To select the option use phone’s left side button.
  7. Select “Yes” by pressing volume button.
  8. After that your phone will be rebooted (restarted). After restart phone micromax unite 2 A106 hard reset is done.

Note: After hard reset all of data has been removed which is saved in mobile. So it is recommended that create a backup of data any other device such and pc or other smartphone .


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