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How To Improve Website Ranking


How To Improve Website Ranking

How To Improve Website Ranking
How To Improve Website Ranking

SEO is stands for “search engine optimization”. Making a good looking website is not enough for get more business. To attract more traffic to Search Engine optimization is main key . To read more what is SEO ? click here

Tips to How To Improve Website Ranking or blog

Use high ranking Meta Keywords in your website meta discription. For find write keywords use Google Keyword planner tool.

This tutorial is all about How To Improve Website Ranking and blog and get traffic and more visitors

  •  Submit site to Google, and other search engines like yahoo, bing  so there crawler can index your site.

  • Submit your site to Web directories.It creates back links for website and more backlinks improve the ranking.

  • Use Search Engine Friendly title tag .example :

<title>Main keyword-category-site name</title>

    To Know more about title tag click here

  • Google crawler avoid text placed in java script and text placed in images .So use direct text rather than buttons or scripts if not unnecessarily.

  •  Use robot.txt file for allow search engine to allow indexing.

  • Submit sitemap.xml file to Google Web Master Tools.

  • Use Google Analytics to view witch type of content is mostly viewed by viewer on your website.

  • Link Your website with Facebook ,it will automatically a first stage website promotion on facebook.

  • Create a Google+ Account a link the website with it.

  • Add rich snippets to website site, it helps the crawler to crawl and find write content.

  • Use high density keywords in meta keyword tags. and choose the wright keywords that  properly represent your website content.

  • Avoid flash rich website, Because google  crawler avoid flash content to crawl

  • Use minimum 300 words in content of one page.