What Is ShareIt

ShareIt is an application developed by lenovo . ShareIt app is used to share file among devices . In this article you will learn how to install and use this application on your android phone .

Go To PlayStore

To install and use this app , go to playstore in your android phone . Click on Apps tab and type ShareIt in the search box . Find the application and click on it . This app is looks as in the following image .

Download ShareIt App

Click on install button to start downloading this app . It will take few minutes to download and install . After installation click on the Open button to start the application .

Download shareit App
Download shareit App

Use It

To share files using this application one thing is noticeable ,that is all of devices those are used to share files with each other using shareit must have installed this application .


If you want to send file from your android to other’s smartphone or computer ,then both of devices must have installed Share-It app .

Send files

send and receive data using shareIt
send and receive data using shareIt

To send files using share-It app ,start the application and click on send button .This will open new blue color screen as shown in the following image. Now your device start scanning or finding new available device where you can share your file .

scanning for devices or computer
scanning for devices or computer

You have to tap on the device icon to allow the file sharing . With this way you can send files and applications among devices without using internet .

Receive Files

To recieve files using this app follow the previous steps ,start the application and click on Receive button .When you click on the button , the app will start scanning for device to communicate like a radar . when other device detect your device and try to send file to your device then a prompt box is displayed . By click on yes button you allow to send the file or app to your device .

Using this app user can send and recieve file among pc ,iphone ,android or any other wi-fi enabled device .