How To Install Theme In WordPress

WordPress is a famous open source script for creating blog. WordPress themes are easily available on internet for free.

How to install theme in Word Press
install theme in Word Press

In this article you will shown how to install new theme in WordPress.

Go to Themes Tab

First step is logon to WordPress dashboard and go to the Appearance >Themes.  Then click on the “ADD New” button of upper left of screen.

Upload Theme

Upload Theme” button appears, then click on it. click on Choose File and upload your theme file. it must be .zip format. know the theme is uploaded .

Activate Theme

To active new theme click on “Activate” button. Know when you reload the webpage new theme is working.

To customize the theme go to the selected theme .when your cursor is on selected them , customize button shows in side right side . by clicking on it, you can customize the theme.You can Change Title of Website, Change tag line of website and other useful changes.