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How To Earn Money From Website Or Blog – Make Money Online From Blogging


How To Earn Money Online From A Website Or Blog

Earning money from website is known as website monetization . Now a days this a trending question on internet “How to earn money from website” or “how to make money online” . Both questions are different but the answer is same . You can start online earning with many way such as selling product ,services etc . But there are some other ways to make money without selling products and services . Monetized Blogging is the most popular way in this segment .Monetized blogging means create a blog or website and earn money from it .

How it works

Know the question is how to earn from a website or blog ? Earning from blogging works as the just like the TV shows . When you watch any tv show you doesn’t pay for specific program .The advertising company place the ads between the program and the show maker get money from the advertiser .

When earnings starts

Monetized blogging also works on same principle . You create a website or blog with valuable content ( interesting according to readers ) . Advertiser place the ads on your website and blog . When visitor comes to your blog and click on the ad advertiser pay money to you and your earning starts .These are also known as pay per click ads .  As soon as your website goes popular and traffic increased your earnings also increased .

Where to Start

If you decided to start a website for earning purpose and you want to make money from website then you have some basic requirements .

  • A Website for monetization
  • Make your website searchable
  • An advertiser account such as Google Adsense , Taboola , Buy sell Ads etc .

Start website

First of all you have required a website , an application to monetize . You can create your blog your selft using open source content managment solution such as wordpress or buy a ready to use website . But i recommend you to create it your self . You can create create a blog without coding knowledge .

Make it searchable

The second part is make it searchable to increase your website visibility on internet . This part is called SEO or search engine optimization . In begining you have to just create on google or bing search engines . Because 85% of internet searches conducted on google and bing . Create a Google webmaster tools account and add your website in it . It is also a free tool .

Create publisher account

After creating a website or blog you should required a publisher account on advertiser’s website . Create publisher account any of above publishers . But i recommend start with google adsense . Because you account can be approved even on low traffic website . After account approval insert the ads code in you webpages . And wait for clicks .

With this way you can earn money from website , your blog or your application .