Step by step guide to send ,read and manage custom email account using webmail

An custom email id looks very professional ,but of user don’t know how to read the email of custom email id from c panel . After create a custom email account such a ,you need to login to cpanel to access this custom email account . Login to cpanel and then Click on Webmail link . After that click on login to Webmail link .


webmail to manage custom email account


Fill the email Id in username field and password to login to your account . After login ,login email id is displayed on screen . Select the application to access emails .

Horde , Roundcude ,Squirrlemail are three application are normally installed in cpanel . In this article i use horde to manage account . Click on link “Read email using horde” .

Select application to manage email account

Now this will open email dashboard . This dashboard is more likely as other email dashboards such as Gmail or yahoo mail .

Manage account

In this dashboard user can manage or use all of email services such as gmail or yahoo mail etc . User can read ,send emails from this account and manage the email account completely such as create and search contacts . Search emails , download attachment etc .

Horde application to send and read emails - Tectrick


  • In it click on “Inbox” link to read emails .
  • To send new mail from your custom email account click on “New Email” button .
  • Sent mail are found in “sent” folder of dashboard .
  • To change or manage password of this email account go back and click on the link “change password” .