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How To Record Screen With Screen Recorder


Screen Recorder is a free screen capture application provided by microsoft corporation.To screen capture with screen recorder download screen recorder .After download the application install and run it.With this free software you can record screen for making youtube videos, presentations etc.

download screen recorder
download screen recorder

Download and install screen recorder

To capture screen run application. Double click to run the application.With this recorder you can record screen of a single application or complete pc .For example record screen partially or full screen.Suppose two applications are running in windows .With this screen recording software you can record screen only of one application screen, both applications screen or full windows screen.

Screen recorder screen
recorder screen

Steps to record screen

  •  To Capture full screen video select “Full Screen” from the drop down and than click ok. Know control panel screen will open. Click on “please click here to specify file name” to write video name.Choose and write any name of video and click to save.

    controle panel of recorder
    control panel of recorder
  • Click start button to capture screen.And click stop button to stop the screen recording.
  • During screen recording you can pause recording with “pause” button.
  • Record screen video with voice, check “Audio” box .Select no border flashing with clear border look.