How To Recover Gmail Account

It is Easy to recover Google Account

It is easy to  tutorial , How To Recover Gmail Account, When you forgot your user name or your password this article is help you to recover gmail account.

To recover your Google Account, Click hear. This will open google recovery page. looks like following image .


1. If You forgot your password choose first option “I don’t know my password”.Else skip  1st step

Enter your email Id in text field and click to “continue”.Enter your last password you remember. If you don’t remember any password click on the button “I Don’t Know” .this will recover your password.

 2.If You Forgot Your User Name second Option “I don’t know my username“. click hear.

follow the inductions and recover your Google account.

   3.If you unable to login to your Google account choose”I’m having other problems signing in” then click hear.then enter your email Id and follow the instructions .this will recover your Google account.

This will recover your gmail account user name or password.Some  tips for  google account safty  as follows .For safety of your gmail account use a alpha-numeric  password. Change your gmail password regularly after two to three months. Set secret question for recover gmail if it is hacked.