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2 Steps To Remove Or Change Copyright Text “Ecommerce Software By Prestashop” Footer Line In Default Theme


Prestashop is a open source shopping cart software and used widely in world wide .When you install prestashop with default theme an automatic footer line display on the end on the every page . That is “Powered With Prestashop” Or in latest prestashop versions “Ecommerce Software By Prestashop” . By removing or changing this line you can give your website a professional and custom look . In this article you will learn how to remove the default footer line from prestashop theme or how to change copyright text in prestashop and insert your own store name rather than prestashop .

Remove ecommerce software by prestashop footer line

To remove and change the footer line you have to use different methods according the prestashop version .

change copyright text in prestashop older version than 1.5

Blockcms in prestashop

    1. login to Cpanel > FileManager and then go to prestashop installation root folder.
    2. Then go to modules and find blockcms folder.
    3. Open blockcms folder and Locate “blockcms.tpl “.
    4. Right click on it and go to “edit code“. file code is looks like follows.
{if $display_poweredby} <li class="last_item">{l s='[1]Ecommerce software by %s[/1]' mod='blockcms' sprintf=['prestashop'] tags=['<a class="_blank" href="http://www.prestashop.com">']}</li> {/if}
  1. change the” Ecommerce sofware by ” and “Prestashop” and “http://www.prestashop.com.
  2. Know the code is looks like follows
</li> {if $display_poweredby} <li class="last_item">{l s='[1]Ecommerce software by %s[/1]' mod='blockcms' sprintf=['yourdomain'] tags=['<a class="_blank" href="http://www.Yourdomain.com">']}</li> {/if} </ul> {$footer_text}
  • After make changes save the changes clear cache and reload the page
  • To clear prestashop cache go to prestashop installation folder and find cache folder.By right click open the folder and delete everything from the folder.

Remove Powered By Prestashop in latest prestahop versions 1.6 or above

If you are using latest version of prestashop then above method will not worked for you . To remove or change powered by prestashop follow the steps .

Change-footer-information in prestashop

  • Login the prestashop dashboard . Then go to modules > CMS module > Configure .
  • Just uncheck the button to “Powered by prestashop” to remove it from footer .
  • To add custom link in footer such as “Powered by “+ “your website name” add the text or html info in “Footer information ” section .
  • With this way you can change footer information prestashop . You can remove powered by prestashop line or change copyright text with your custom text
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