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Right Way To Remove Content From Website As Well As Remove Content From Google Search


Delete a web page from website is very easy but delete content from google is a complex task . All of SEO experts likes to remove expired ,deleted and outdated content to maintain the website quality . In this article you will learn two methods to remove content from google search.

  • Create 410 headers for deleted pages or outdated content
  • Use google outdated content removal tool

why it is required to delete content properly from website .

Deleted content generate 404 errors

If you decide to remove the content or category from website permanently then you have have to focus on some basic rules . Because with just delete a category or a page from your website you are creating 404 error pages regularly .

For example you delete a webpage from your website . But it still indexed by the google search and display every time on google search . When the visitor comes on the specific page, he/she face a 404 error page . 404 error page doesn’t directly impact on ranking but a hidden impact still sustain .

Create 410 header to permanently remove content from search

Increasing 404 error page can increase bounce rate or website .It also decreased page session duration . These stats impact on ranking . So if the content is permanently deleted from website then you have to create 410 header or delete it from google cache .

When google search get the HTTP status code 410 ,it automatically understands the content in permanently deleted from website and never comes back . With this way google search un index 410 header pages or deleted web pages . You can use .htaccess to create 410 redirects

Use Google Content removal tool

Content removal tool for google search

One other method is to deleted content from google search . Delete it from google cache . First of all delete the content from website or app and then click on the link . Enter the delete URL in the text field and click on removal request . With in 48 hours page is deleted from google cache . This is the easiest way to delete content from google .

Which is the best method

After that the question is which is the best method to remove content from google. According to me first method is the best that is create 410 header for delete webpage . Because using the second method you can remove content from google but what about other search engines . 410 header solve this problem .  But if your focus is just google search then just use the content removal tool to delete content from google.

So if you decided to delete a category or a specific page from your web content then you have to delete it properly to make your website quality good .