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How To Sell Products Online In India On Shopping Websites (Online Marketplace)


Step by step guide to Sell Products on online marketplace in india

Every entrepreneur wants to grow up his business . Selling product and services on online marketplace provide opportunity to entrepreneur to boost his/her business . There are four ways to start online selling  . One of the way is sell products on other shopping websites such as amazon ,ebay, snapdeal , flipkart, paytm etc . In this article i tell you how to start online business or online selling of your product on other websites .

These websites take a percentage of commission from your sales and provide you online selling platform .

Boost sales by start online selling of products in india


Some basic requirements before start selling online in india.

  • Sales Tax Number or Vat Number
  • PAN or Permanent Account Number
  • Current Account In Any Bank To Receive Payments
  • Computer or Laptop
  • Printer
  • Packing Material such as tap (Some websites provide packing material for free)

Create A seller Account

After fulfill these minimum requirements go to the shopping websites in which you want to sell . In this article we take an example of “paytm” shopping portal . Create a seller or vendor account on it .

Sample Shopclues seller account creation
Sample Shopclues seller account creation

When you go to create seller account ,website team demand your documents such as your bank account verification ,sales tax certificate and you PAN card details .

Wait for account approval

After account creation you have to wait for account approved . It will take 1-4 weeks ,may very on shopping website . After seller account approval ,seller received and login name and password for login to seller panel .

With this credentials seller can login to seller panel . This area is used to manage your products such as seller can add products , change prices , process orders ,see orders etc .

Upload Products

After that next step is create your catalog . There are many ways to create catalog or add products on shopping . Way to upload catalog

  • Upload products one by one from seller panel .
  • Upload products using excel sheet Provided by shopping website. Sample
  • Upload products using CSV file .
  • Add product in your catalog from already added products in this website .

After upload products wait for your catalog approval . After approval, catalog is live on the shopping site . Now visitor can buy your product from this specific website .

Track And Process Orders

When visitor comes to the shopping site and buy your product ,you can see this order in your seller panel .You can process or reject order through the panel . Seller (you) pack the shipment and manifest from seller panel .

Order tracking and processing in paytm.com
Order tracking and processing in paytm.com

Then associated logistics company or courier company collect package from you and shipped it to the destination . After product delivery shopping website transfer product cost to you on your linked bank account .

In this type of online selling entrepreneur can add their product to multiple shopping website and boost the sales .