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How To Sell Products Online Step By Step Guide


Step by step guide to sell your products online marketplace

In this decade, online selling of products and services increased upto 200% . Only on 2014-2015 E commerce business growth is about 25% .Many entrepreneurs wants to sell online and be a part of this growth .But they don’t now how to start it. This is not only an article but a complete guide to how you can start your own online business or start sell your products and services online marketplace .

In this ,you will learn  complete (basic to end) process of sell online . For online selling you have to learn about some requirements and basics .

Requirements to start online business

To sell online you have some basic requirements . Some of these are optional and some are required .


  • Register your business name .
  • Register your brand Name .
  • Web hosting is required only to start your own website .What is web hosting .


  • Get Sales Tax Number or VAT Number from sales tax department .
  • Packing Material for packing and dispatch .
  • Purchase A Domain Name (Not required for selling on other shopping websites such as ebay, amazon etc)
  • Purchase Payment Gateway (Not required for selling on other shopping websites such as ebay, amazon etc)
  • Purchase Logistics Services (Not required for selling on other shopping websites such as ebay, amazon etc)

These are the minimum requirement for every type of start up online selling .After that you have

Four ways to start online selling .

  • Create your own eCommerce website
  • Hire eCommerce website solutions such as Volusion, Shopify , CommerceHub etc.
  • Create your shopping website yourself with gaining some basic knowledge .
  • Sell your products and services on others shopping websites such as eBay , amazon, Freelancer .

Now the matter how to choose ,what is the best method for you ?

Option 1 – Create your own eCommerce website

If you have large number of products and you want to start a website such as ebay or amazon ,then you need create your own website . In these websites you can add new sellers as vendors .

If you have not coding knowledge then you have to hire web developers team and maintenance team .So It is a big budget project . This is now the write way to start a small shopping website .

Option 2- Hire E-Commerce Web Solution Providers

If you just want to start selling online on your own website but with less investment and without coding knowladge ,then this option is very helpful to you . Hire eCommerce web solutions providers .

For this you have no required any technical or web development team . You just need

Solution provider company provide you complete solution such ready to use eCommerce website on monthly bases or on annual bases . They do all technical changes for you on website such as payment gateway integration , branding , seo solution , logistics integration .


Third Party E commerce Solutions
Third Party E commerce Solutions


You just need to upload your products on ready to display catalog . User can discontinue any time there services . So this is best way to start shopping website with low budget and without coding knowledge .

Option 3- Create shopping website yourself

You have an other option to create it . Read some basics of web designing and e-commerce and the create it yourself using some online solutions such as Woo commerce , prestashop , magento , Jooma etc .


Create You Own Ecommerce Website Using eCommerce scripts
Create You Own Ecommerce Website Using eCommerce scripts


All of these are eCommerce ready to use and free scripts . These are best for startup and very low cost.

Learn how to create website using prestashop

Option 4 – Sell Your Products On Others Shopping Websites

One most easy step to sell your products online is that sell them on other shopping website such as amazon ,ebay ,flipkart etc . To sell on these websites just register on these websites as seller or vendor . They ask about business details and documents . Submit required documents .Wait for while seller account is approved .


Sell products on others shopping websites
Sellers panel of paytm shopping website


After account approval you can login to website as seller . On your seller panel upload products . Sopping website technical team verify and approve products . After that your products are live on shopping website such as amazon ,ebay .

Customer can see you products and place order . These websites provide all of basic services such as payment and logistics services and take some percentage of profit from you .There are hundreds of reputed online shopping website ,where you can sell your products .

In this way you have no requirement to arrange services such as payment gateway and logistics .