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How To Send Email Using Gmail Email ID


Step by step guide to send email from your gmail id

To send and receive email you have needed an Gmail Email Id . If you don’t have an email id then click on this link .Or if you have already an gmail email id then in this article you will learn how to send email from your gmail account .

Go to Gmail Page

Follow these steps . Click on start button and then click on Internet explorer or Google chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is installed by default in Microsoft windows pc . Click one of the web browser .

In address bar type http://mail.google.com or click on this link . In Gmail account page type your email id in text box as displaying in the following image .


Type Email Address
Type Email Address

After type email address click on Next button .

Type Password

Type password Here
Type password Here


In the new field fill your password . And then click on Sign In button .With this way you will login to your gmail account .If you forgot your password then read this .

To send email , click on Compose button located in upper left corner on the page as showing in following image .

Click on Compose button to send email
Click on Compose button to send email


When you click on compose button a new small page opens such as the following image .

  • In the first text box type the email id on whose you want to send email .
  • In the second text box type the subject or heading of your email .
  • In the third text area type the content of the email which you want you send to others .

After typing email click on Send button to send email .

Type Email here
Type Email here

Email Formatting Tools

There are some tools provided by gmail to format your email such as change font style ,size ,colors and insert images , insert files to send others , insert links and insert smiles .

  • Text Formatting : In the email type page the first tool is is used to change format of your typing text .
  • Insert file or attachment : To attach files with your email click on the paper icon as showing in the following image . Browse file from your pc to attach . User can send maximum 5 MB size of attachment with one email .
  • Save mail in google drive : Click on the third icon to save your email in google drive to share with others .
  • Insert image with mail : To insert an image in email click on the fourth icon .
  • Insert hyperlink : If you want to share a link with others then click on the insert link icon .
  • Insert expressions: You can insert expressions with your email by click on the smile icon .
Email Editing & Formating Tools
Email Editing & Formating Tools

With this way you can send email to anyone from your gmail email id .