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How To Set Thick Paper Setting Epson Printer


Three steps to thick paper setting epson printer

Thick paper setting epson printer is used, when you are going to print on heavy paper than normal. Thick paper printing is slightly difficult but is also very useful .Normally thick paper cause paper jam in printer .

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So it is used to print on envelops and heavy papers such as photo paper, duplex paper etc. To Print heavy and thick paper in Epson printer you have to make some changes in the printer properties .

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  1. Click the windows key from keyboard or press start button in the screen. Go the control panel and click it.
  2. Under the control panel go to “hardware and sound” section .click on it. Know click on “devices and printers“. In the printers section find the epson printer.
Hardware And Sound
Hardware And Sound
  1. Change paper setting in Maintenance:  Right click on epson printer.
  2. Select “printer preferences” from menu. Now go to maintenance tab and click on it. Under the maintenance page click on “printer and option information” tab.
  3. Enable the option “thick paper and envelops” in the page.
Thick Paper setting epson printer
Epson Maintenance Center

After selected thick paper setting you can print hard and heavy papers and envelops. But after select this option printing may be take long time than normal.

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