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How to Setup Network Sharing In Windows Vista, Win 7, Win Xp


NetWork Sharing In Win 7

Discription:   Network Sharing file and folders across network, that allow clients to access your resources without the trouble of accessing file from the main PC.
Typically , u can access a network resources that is shared by typing //hostname/sharename on Windows Explorer.To on network sharing in windows follow some simple steps. 

  1. On the left side of windows screen click on windows logo or Go to start  and then go to  control panel in the control panel find Network And Internet and click on it.

    Networl & Internet
    NetWork Sharing In Win 7
  2. Then Create a new network sharing group click on “Network & sharing center“.

    network & Sharing
    NetWork Sharing In Win
  3. After that go to “Set Up A New Connection or Network” tab click on it , A pop up window appear .Choose a connection option for automatically create new network select “set up a new network”   wait for a while .


  1. Right click on the folder /drive you want to share and go to properties.Click on the “sharing “tab. Choose the group where you want to share the Folder/ Drive. Know the Folder/Drive is shared.
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