Shrink ,Extend or Format Windows Partition in already installed windows

It is easy to shrink or extend partitions of windows in your current installed windows without format it , without uninstall new windows . To change size of partition follow these steps .

Go to Disk Management

Go to start menu and then go to “computer”  .right click on it . In this menu Click on “manage “. Computer management will open . In this window see the left menu “Computer Management (Local) ” . Click on small arrow icon to expand “Storage” . Now click on “Disk Management ” .

All of disk partitions are shown in the right side window .In this section you can see complete hard disk size and allocations . Select the partition which you want to shrink or extend size .

Right click on selected partition and choose the required action ,which you want to do . You can increase your partitions size, remove all of data from it , reduce disk size or delete partitions .

  • To shrink partition select “shrink volume” from menu.
  • To extend disk drive select “extend volume” from menu . Extend volume button is only enabled if  some un-allocated memory free on hard disk .
  • To format it select “format ” .
  • You can also delete it using “Delete Volume” .

Please be sure before make changes in your hard disk partitions .Some of changes are irreversible , so you can lost your data .