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How To Start Learning Web Designing & Development


Sequence to start learning web designing and development

Web designing & development learning is easy or difficult ? This is the first question ,which comes in a beginners mind . But it is easy or difficult ,it depends on how you start it .

If you start learning in right sequence and choose wright method ,then it is easy . But if you start learning with wrong sequence ,in that case wright also not more helpful to you . Now the question what is the wright sequence for learning web designing and web development .

Before start leaning web designing and development
Before start leaning web designing and development

Following are the first steps to learning ,but most of beginners skip these steps and start learning about coding . This is the biggest mistake, because without these first anyone can’t be a advance level web designer or developer

Read It Must before start learning

What is website & how is works.

What is web designing and web development. And difference between them

What is Web server

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Domain name System

Basics of web designing

If you only want to be a web developer, but still you need some basic skills of a web designer .

  • Knowledge about any photo editing software such as adobe photoshop . So you can learn how to create web friendly image and how to create a web templet with it.
  • Basics of HTML . So you can easily learn how web browser render your webpage .
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet ) for styling the content of front end of your website.

Basics of Web development

  • If you going to start learn web development ,then start it from HTML learning ,After that
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is styling
  • Third is Javascript , so you can learn how to create and use scripts

After that advance level web development

  • Learn any dynamic language such as PHP ,ASP , ASP.net etc. Only one these are compulsory . But you can also learn more .
  • JQUERY –  Latest type of javascript ,can be used as alternative of Javascript .
  • AJAX – used for running scripts behind the scenes ,this is optional . But use of AJAX your website looks very dynamic, flexible and fast .
  • XML or JSON – For advance level web development , used to communicate with web server . Learn one of these or Both .
  • Many other tools ,scripts and languages knowledge is also useful such as DOM ,SOAP etc . But you don’t need to start concentrate on other material ,if you do so then you can be derailed from your main content . So learn all of these after your sequence study is completed
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So at the end it is recommended that if you are going to start learning web designing and development then choose wright method and wright sequence before start

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