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How To Sell Online – Start Online Store For E commerce Business


How to start online selling or eCommerce business

Know a days online business growth in multiply digits . But still many business men facing problems to sell online. They don’t know how to start online selling or how to start their own online store. Start online business is not as difficult as looks. If you want to sell your products on internet at any of platform then this article is really helpful to you . Online business is working on two business models.

How to Sell online or start online shopping store

  • Create your own online shopping website and sell on it.
  • Sell your products online on other shopping websites such as amazon.com , wallmart.com etc .

Create Personal shopping website or online store

With first method ,you have required your own shopping website . To make your own online store you have three options .

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  1. Hire a dedicate team and start online store to sell online.The dedicated team make design ,develop and manage your eCommerce website . This method is expensive as well as complex to manage for basic startup business .
  2. Create Ecommerce (shopping)website yourself using ready to use free scripts such as prestashop , megento , woo-commerce ,opencart . To create shopping website using these scripts ,no need of deep programming knowledge .But little knowledge and time is required to install scripts , buy web hosting ,domain name and maintenance.  Any one can create a custom shopping cart using these scripts and just read some documentations. In this method you can start your own shopping cart with very low investment such as $10/month or $80 annual approx. How to Create Shopping website with prestashop.
  3. Third method is hire a online shopping cart such as shopify ,godaddy . These companies provide ready to use shopping cart service on monthly charges such as $29-$90 per month . User just pay and start sell online products . No maintenance or any other service is required . All basic services are included in these packages .

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Sell online on other shopping websites


This is very easy method to sell online . Hundred of eCommerce platforms are available on internet such as Ebay, Amazon ,Walmart. Seller have to just create seller account on these websites , upload their products and start selling.

These type of websites charge commission for per order according to price from $.08% to $.12% .  Seller have no need to payment gateway to accept orders and not need to hire web development team .

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This is the reason online selling on third party website is very popular method in all over the world . Seller have only required a computer or laptop ,a printer and internet connection to start online selling .