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How To Use ShareIt App To Sync Data Of Android With Computer


Step By Step guide to use ShareIt with pc and android to communicate each other or sync data

Shareit it a application created by lenovo to share content with other devices without using internet . Using ShareIt you can sync data of your android phone on your computer or your pc data with your android phone .

To send or receive data between a computer and an android you have to required install shareit app on both devices .So install it on both devices .

Step 1 – Install It on Android Phone

Unlock your android phone and go to play store .Play store is an pre-installed android app in android phone. Download and install shareit app on your mobile phone .

Step 2 -Download and install share it on computer

After that ,open your desktop or laptop on where you want to sync data . Open web browser such as internet explorer or google chrome . Copy this link http://shareit.lenovo.com/   and paste in address bar or click on it .

Download sharit on android phone and pc
Download sharit on android phone and pc

In this page there are several options to download ShareIt Software .Select first option to download it on your windows pc.

After download the ShareIt windows app ,double click on it to install it on pc. Accept licence terms to install and click “Next” . Wait for installation completes .

After finish installation ,open the application . The page is displayed as the following image . Click on the check box “Don’t show the message again” .And click on arrow icon on the lower right corner of the page five times.

select device to sync data
select device to sync data

Now click on “start” button . Your Computer name is displayed is the box . Select any of the image from the page as your pc icon . This icon is represents your pc on other devices .And click save button to save .

Send And Recive Files Between Pc And Android

In next page select the action . Suppose if you want to send something from your pc then click on the button “Send” otherwise click on “Receive” . In this example i will send an image file from pc to android . So i click on “Send ” button .

send and receive data using shareIt
send and receive data using shareIt

In next page click on “Browse” button to select the file or you can drag and drop the file in application page to select it .Know the file is ready to sending .

Go to the device such as android phone on where you want to get the file ,open shareit app on it. Click on the button “receive” ,because this device is receiver or the file .

After that, following image type screen is displayed . It means application scanning for available devices . Center icon represents your device and icon displayed in out area represents available devices. Click on the outer icon to select the device and start communication.

scanning for devices or computer
scanning for devices or computer

Now you are ready to send and recieve files through shareIt App without spending your internet data usage .

Note: When you want to receive the file the click on receive button otherwise click on Send .