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How To Upload Video To Youtube


How To Upload Video To Youtube

How To Upload Video To Youtube_tectrick.org
How To Upload Video To Youtube

This is the tutorial about How To Upload Video To Youtube from pc or from mobile phone.To Upload video from pc follow these steps.

How to upload video to youtube:

  1. Go to www.youtube.com.
  2. On the upper right side of screen upload and sign in button shows.click on sign in and sign in with your google account.
  3. Know after click on Upload button.
    How To Upload Video To Youtube -Tectrick.org
    How To Upload Video To Youtube


  4. Drag the video file an drop on it or select file to upload button and click on it and then choose the video file from pc and upload it.
  5. When the video file is selected .processing is started ,after done the processing video is ready to publish.
  6. Before publish the video change the basic info of video.
    How To Upload Video To Youtube -tectrick.org
    How To Upload Video To Youtube -tectrick.org


  7. In First text box ,write the name of the video which you want to display publicly.
  8. In the second box ,type the description about the video .

    To best promote your video, you’ll want its description to be both accurate and interesting. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

    Make your description clear and specific:

    Your video should stand out from the crowd. Try to determine what content it contains that will help users find it and distinguish it from other videos. Using descriptive language in complete sentences is a good idea.

    Give credit when appropriate:

    If people don’t know the exact title or other keywords associated with your video, they might search the name of a participant or another website where it’s featured. Be sure to include as much information as you feel comfortable, but be careful not to include anything that shouldn’t be publicly displayed.

    Categorize correctly:

    The category into which you place your video is part of its description as well. People are more likely to rate your video highly and watch it more frequently if it’s placed in a relevant category.

  9. Next step is ad tags in tag box. tags are the keywords ,when the visitor search for keyword on youtube or google ,the video displays. So choose best tags.
  10. Set the custom video thumbnail .video thumbnail is the first impression of your video.
  11. Finally click on Publish button .

See the Video to learn How To Upload Video To Youtube