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How To Use Ink Code In Epson Printer If You Already Have Ink Codes


In epson printers, ink code filling is required after refill the ink in ink tank to start the printer working and reset the ink level. These ink codes comes with ink or you can download it from internet .In the article you will learn how to use ink code in epson printers to reset the ink level .

Four steps to Use Ink Code in Epson Printer

In Epson printer in ink code is required after refill the ink.When ink light(second red color light in the printer) is blinking continuously.

It means some of ink level is quite low.In case ink level is above arrow in ink tank, but still ink light is blinking .Than ink code is required for reset the ink level .To use ink code in epson printers follow the steps.

Go to control panel: Go to start.Then go to control panel click on it to open.In computer settings click on “hardware and sound”.In the hardware and sound section locate “devices and printers”.Click on devices and printers.


Then go to Printing Preferences:  In the printers section find Epson printer .right click on it. Go to printing preferences .Then Epson  printing preferences page open.In the page click on maintenance tab.

Printer Preferences
Printer Preferences

Go to Status monitor: In the maintenance page click on Epson status monitor 3 .In this page ink levels are showing. Ink color with yellow triangle and exclamation sign means low ink.

To use ink code and reset ink level click on “how to” button.

Epson Status Monitor -how to add ink code
Epson Status Monitor

Fill Ink Code in refill ink tank page: In the “Refill ink tank” page select the check box which ink color is low . Click next . In the next page again click next.

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how to use ink code In Epson Printer
Click next to  in Add ink code in epson printer

For example if yellow ink showing low than select yellow.Know Ink code page is open and yellow ink code field in enabled . Fill the 13 digit code in the field and click next.Ink codes are on epson ink bottle .If you are using non genuine ink than Get the ink code for from internet.