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How To Use WordPress To Create Website Or Blog


WordPress is a word’s most popular website making tool .In this article you learn how to use wordpress to create website or blog . It is very easy to use wordpress . After purchase a domain name and web hosting you have to just install wordpress on server . That’s all, your website is started and live with in minutes .

How to use WordPress To Create Website Or Blog

First Blog In WordPress

As i told wordpress is very user friendly , easy to use ope source software script to create websites , blog or shopping carts . Almost all internet users who think about website making or website designing must listen about wordpress .But some of them don’t know how to use wordpress to create website/blog or how to create website using wordpress .

Requirement To Create Website

To create website with wordpress you have required only two things . One is web hosting and other is Domain name .I recommend ,you can buy shared hosting for starting purpose because shared hosting economic than all type of other hosting such as VPS Hosting .

But if you want to create an offline website and make it live after few days or few months then you can install wordpress offline on your computer or laptop . In offline installation you have no need to purchase domain name and web hosting .Offline installation of wordpress is also helpful to learn wordpress features and functions . Learn how to install wordpress on your computer

Domain name and webhosting is required to create website with wordpress

After purchase domain name configure it with web host .After configure it ,you have two options to install wordpress on your web server .Manual install and Automatic install .Some of web hosting companies such as godaddy , bigrock provide dedicated wordpress hosting to run your wordpress blog . But you can use both type of web hostings for wordpress websites . Next step is install wordpress on your server . Read the following references to learn how to install Worpress

  1. Manual Wordrpress installation Using FTP
  2. Automatic wordpress installation 

Manual installation of wordpress Using FTP

If you choose first method to install wordpress on your web server then you have to download a latest copy of wordpress from the wordpress.com .Upload all these files to server using FTP and install it .

Automatic installation


Follow one the upper reference to install WordPress .But if your web host provide Cpanel to you then choose method 2 “Automatic Installation” . Because it is much easier than the first one . In this method login to your CPanel . In cpanel a automatic software installer in also provided with name softaculous . Using softaculous you can install wordpress script with easy steps  . Learn how to install wordpress using softaculous .But if you are using dedicated wordpress hosting then you have no need to Cpanel . You have provided one click install button for wordpress .

Admin-login-details of wordpress installation

After installation you have two URL’s . One is to access the admin panel and second is public URL such as in the following image . Now Your website is publicly live . Any one can access your website using your public URL .

How to work with wordpress

After installation the next question is how to work with wordpress or how to work with wordpress? .Using Admin URL and Admin details you can login your wordpress admin panel dashboard . Using this dashboard you can do every type of change in your wordpress such as

Use wordpress to create blog


All of the above are just examples of wordpress’s power .There are hundreds of other features that make the wordpress a popular tool to create a website or blog . With this way your first website built with wordpress is complete .Now next step is customize it and create your post and pages . In Further article i focused on this topic .