Home computer Hp M1005 Laserjet – Change Print Quality Settings

Hp M1005 Laserjet – Change Print Quality Settings


How to change printer settings in HP M1005 Laserjet

Print-quality settings  impact on printing . You can darken and lighten your printer with print settings . You can change the settings for specific type of printing job or for all future printing jobs .

Print quality settings are very useful to change print resolution and print quality for specific printing software or for single printing job .

HP M1005 laserjet has two resolution options

  • 600 dpi

  • FastRes 1200: This setting produces the same resolution as the default setting, but you can change the scale

Change print settings

  1. Go to windows start menu and click on devices and printers . 

    Devices and Printers
    Devices and Printers
  2. Right click on HP M1005 laserjet printer icon .

    Printer properties
    Printer properties
  3. In the menu click on printer properties . Change settings according your printing job and click ok .


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