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Html, CSS Validation Importance In SEO


What is Html and CSS validation, Why it is important in seo

What is validation

Validation means testing.HTML, CSS validation means test the coding standards and find the errors in these formats. Software which is use to testing html and css is knows validation software. W3c.org is a free website to html,css validation. Html and CSS validation is used for error and fix them.

Coding of html and css is known as “Markup“. A validated Html and CSS means “Good Markup“. It has no errors, all standardize tags and attributes with accurate values and properly closed. For example: <h1> this is the header </h1> .

Coding with non standardize tags or attributes , not closed tag ,known as “bad markup” .

html and css validation service
html and css validation service

Why html,css validation is best practice

Today’s market have different browser technologies.Example: internet explorer, google chrome, Mozilla, safari,uc browser. Some of the browsers run on computers, and some browsers run on mobile phones and other devices.

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In a compact and Small device operating systems lack of resources and scripts to interpret “bad markup”. Example: In www.example.com website has h1 tag but it is not closed. <h1> This is the title .

In this case h1 is not closed. Many browsers in computers show the content h1  as heading. But small devices and phones cann’t interprate unclosed h1 tag properly and give error to show heading. Heading not shown or looks like simple text.

If someone validate the html,css of www.example.com them he/she find the error , unclosed <h1> tag.

validation impact of seo

  • Markup language and css validation play a big roll in seo indirectly. If html,css is validated ,it means webpage is loading well on all devices. It improve the visitors count.
  • Search engine understand page content more frequently and using less time. So it is automatically search engine friendly.
  • Validated markup provide user a friendly experience. So this way bounce rate is also improved.
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Many other factors that are improved with html validation like web quality and developers faith on user. Many free tools are provided online to validate markup.Most popular tool is w3c online validation tool. So i recommend to use validated html, css and other markups.

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