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HTML Tutorial – What Are Tags In HTML


What Are HTML Tags

HTML stand for Hyper text makup language . HTML coding is writen in html tags . HTML tags are the hidden keywords that are only readable by web browser . These specific keywords helps the web browser to display the content .


<h1> This is the heading </h1>

Web Browser read these tags and understand that this text is heading of content.

Html Before Compression-Tectrick.orgHtml Before Compression-Tectrick.org
Html Before Compression-Tectrick.org

How a Tag construct

All HTML tags are start with less than sign “<“and  complete with “>” greater than sign . Almost all of tags have an End tag rest of some , such as </hr> . This is also called closing tag .


This is another example of tag . This is example of heading tag . Browser reads it as , text under this tag is heading of the webpage . Starting tags ( <h1> ) are called opening tag and end tags are called closing tag ( </h1>) .

<h1>  </h1>

Closing tags are completed with back slash . Text “h1” and signs (>) , (<) are not displayed on web page . only content under this text is displayed in web browser .

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Try HTML Tag

How it Works

Tags are not displayed itself . They are read by web browser and hidden on your web page .

How Browser Read The Tags

Within a web page that define how the browser must format and display the content. Most tags must have two parts, an opening and a closing part. So tags are format and display of your webpage .