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Answer-Can HTML5 Improve SEO Ranking


Can HTML5 improve seo ranking-Then How ?

According to me yes HTML5 realy help to improve ranking or HTML5 improve seo of a website with less efforts.To learn this first read what is HTML5

What is HTML 5 ?

HTML 5 is a latest and advanced version of html. HTML5 is a markup language just like HTML.Html 5 introduced new markup tags for web designing.On October 2014 w3c realese is the final & complete fifth version of the HTML standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Page Structure in Old HTML5 versions
Page Structure in Old HTML5 versions

How HTML5 improve seo ranking

HTML5 help to improve a website ranking with there new tag structure.Basic reason is, HTML5 has introduced some new tags.These new tags create a clean and easy to understand page structure for search engines.New tags in introduced in  HTML5. <article>, <aside>, <bdi>, <details>, <dialog>, <figcaption>, <figure>,<footer>, <header>, <main>, <mark>, <menuitem> ,<meter>, <nav>, <progress>, <rp>, <rt>, <ruby>, <section>, <summary>, <time>, <wbr>.All of these tags are more search friendly.In this article i give example of only main five tags. By using these tag search easily access your page content without taking time.

<header>this tag is used for headings and titles</header>

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With tags search engine easly understand the web page content.Header tag tells the search engine this is heading of the content.In the older versions <div> or <table> tags are used for define heading.Div tag is used many times so it is difficult for search engine to determine the heading

<article>this is used for main focused content of page</article>

In HTML5 article tag is used for main content of webpage.So search engine easily understand in the web page in which area has main content.AS in older version <Div> tag is used for article.

<figure>this Tag is user for images in HMTL5</figure>

Figure is used of image in HTML5 insted for <div> tag. With figure tag search engine determine the images under in webpage.So it is easy to index images by search engines.

<aside>this is used for main focused content of page</aside>

Aside tag is used for sidebars in HTML5 page. This tag is used more than one time. with <aside> tag search engine understand which area of the page is sidebar.

<footer>used for footer area of page</footer>
Page Structure HTML5 improve seo ranking
Page Structure HTML5 improve seo ranking

Footer tag is used for define footer area on webpage in HTML5. By supporting these new tags a clean and easy to understand webpage structure is created.search engine divide webpage into header,content,sidebar and footer area.So it has no need to do schema markup for understand the content HTML5. Search engine easily read your webpage information and display results.So it is obvious HTML5 improve seo in website ranking.

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