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Understand HTTP Status Code 1xx (100,101,102 ) Meaning


HTTP Status Codes 1xx (100 ,101, 102) Meaning

HTTP Status Code 1xx is the first class of HTTP response status . It represents that client request is received and continuing process . So it is client side status .

When client device try to communicate with other device using HTTP protocol ,then HTTP status codes or response status code help to determine the process of communication .

This Response codes indicates provisional response . It continuously check optional headers and status line and the end of the time since HTTP/1.0 did not define any 1xx status codes .  Web servers can’t send a 1xx response to client except under experimental conditions.

Status code 100 means “Continue”

Status code 100 means , the server has received the request headers . and know client should proceed to send the request body .

In short it means client should continue with its request by sending the remainder of the request. This response is used to inform the client that the initial part of the request has been received and has not yet been rejected by the server.

Status code 101 means  “Switching Protocols”

Status code 101 meaning the client asked the server to switch protocols and the server is acknowledging that it will do so. It is also known as in informal codes .

Status code 102 means “Processing”

A request may contain many sub-requests involving file operations . It may take a long time to complete the request.

status code 102 indicates that the server has received and is processing the request, but no response is available yet from web server . This prevents the client from timing out and assuming the request was lost

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