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What Is HTTP Status Code And List Of Response Codes


Complete knowledge about HTTP Status Code

HTTP Status Code is response result status of client side or server side .

HTTP stands Hyper Text Transfer Protocol . HTTP is the set of rules to communicate with other devices . According to these rules , HTTP enabled devices communicate with each other in Five parts . These five parts are known as classes . Working of these classes are classified in

  1. Processing is starting and continuing the request .
  2. Process is done from client side .
  3. Additional action to complete the request .
  4. Processing is not complete due to client side error .
  5. Processing is not complete due to web server side error .

These five parts known as HTTP status code . These codes are combination of three numerical digits . First numerical digit start from 1 to 5  .

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Above is the list of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response status codes. These status codes are used to find status of HTTP request .


Suppose you type a website url www.example.com in web browser and hit enter . And web browser displays 500 error on screen .It means processing is done completely from client side but error is from server side .

List if some common status codes are .

  • 500 error, A generic error message by server .
  • 404 error content is not found or client side error
  • 301 redirection
  • 200 status ok