Install font in windows

It is very easy to install fonts in windows and other applications .To install font click on windows start button .

Open Fonts Folder

Go to control panel . In control panel page go to “Appearance and Personalization”  . Locate folder name “fonts” in it and click on it .

Go to start and then control panel
control panel

Paste Font File In Fonts Folder

Download font file which you want to install . If it is on your local drive locate it and unzip file . Font files format is .ttf ,.rtf or .otf . Copy this file and

fonts folder
fonts folder


Paste it in fonts folder . Know it is installed in windows with just paste file in folder. This installed font works in every application of windows such as Microsoft office , Corel Draw graphics ,Adobe Photoshop etc . Just restart your applications and fonts are accessible .

How to Uninstall it ?

Uninstallation is also easy . Just select file and delete it from folder and it is un-installed . For more help click on the link to see the video .