What is IIS 7

IIS 7 is a short form of internet information service. IIS is a web server created by Microsoft windows. IIS 7 is a built in feature of windows 7.

To Install this feature follow the steps.

Go to start menu in windows and then go to control panel.

Locate internet information service
Locate internet information service

In the computer setting’s page, Click on programs. Then click on Turn windows features on or off “. 

  • Windows features box opens. Locate internet information service and checked the check box.
  • Locate world wide web folder under internet information service and expand it by click on ( + ) sign .
  • Expand Application development features.
IIS 7- application development features
IIS 7- application development features

In application development features you can install supporting scripts and language which you want to run on server. Suppose if you want to run .asp files on IIS 7 , then check ASP .

Click ok button to install. Know IIS 7 is installed on your pc.

To check IIS 7 is running and installed correctly , Go to your web browser. Type localhost in the address field and press go. If IIS 7 is installed correctly IIS 7 welcome page is displayed as shown in image.

IIS 7 welcome Page
IIS 7 welcome Page

Run Website or Application on IIS 7

After IIS installation , you need to install of run website or application on server. Again click on start menu and go to  computer. Click on drive C or in which windows is installed.

A new folder is displayed in the drive with name “inetpub“. Go to wwwroot folder inside inetpub . This folder is core location of your iis 7 web server.

It means paste your web pages or web applications in this ( wwwroot ) folder , which you want to run on IIS 7 server.

Test .asp script on  IIS 7

To test server is working well, create a test.asp file. Click on start menu and open notepad. Paste the following code on the notepad.

<!DOCTYPE html>

response.write("My first ASP script!")


save it on desktop.Set file name test.asp and file type all files. Know copy and paste this file on wwwroot folder. Go to your web browser and write web address localhost/test.asp .

asp is installed on your web server
asp is installed on your web server

Press enter from keyboard. If following page is displayed. Then it means asp is installed on your web server and server is working well.