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How To Install Plugin In Adobe Photoshop – With Video Help


Install Plugin In Adobe Photoshop

Plugins are very useful to increase creativity and reduce time to do job in adobe photoshop . In this lesson i go to install contrast setting plugin in adobe photoshop .

Download Plugin

To install a plug-in download it (plug-in source). If you already downloaded , go to plug-in folder . In most cases plug-in file is in .zip format . Extract the file on desktop or any specific location .

Save And Extract .zip File location

Plugin File
Plugin File

Best location to save plugin file in on non windows drive . It means if your windows is installed in drive “c” than save the plugin file in drive D:  or E: .


In this example i create new folder name “photoshop plugins” in drive D .

Go To Plug-ins Folder

plugins menu
plugins menu


Open adobe photoshop . Go to top menu and click on preferences  then click on Plug-Ins . 

Load Plugins Folder

Load photoshop plugins folder
Load photoshop plugins folder

In the preferences window  enable option “Additional plug-ins Folder ” . Select the folder “photoshop plugins” from the window and click ok .

Restart Adobe Photoshop

Now plugin is loaded to photoshop but still it is not showing in the menu . To activate the plug-in close your adobe photoshop application and restart it .

After restart new features are showing in menu or sub menu of your application . Where the new tools or features are displaying ,you can find this in read me file which come with the plugin .

If plugin has no read-me file then you need to find new feature manually by checking the menus and sub menus .

Video Help

If you still need to help to install plugin click on see the video