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What is Softaculous – Install Scripts Using Softaculous


What is softaculous

Softaculous is free apps installer software . It is mostly pre-installed in cPanel and DirectAdmin . Softaculous is high speed auto installer for scripts like works . By using it you can install scripts with on click .

You can also download and install it in your cPanel  . You can install it if you have permission to install software to your server space . Most of hosting providers pre-installed softaculous .

Free And Premium Versions

Softaculous has a free and a premium both versions . With free version you can install 56 scripts . With premium version you can install 354 scripts on you server .

Install scripts

Apps installer cpanel
Apps installer cpanel

To install scripts with it . Download and install softaculous on your server . If it is installed then login to you cPanel .  Go to Softaculous Apps installer section and click on softaculous apps installer .

list of scripts
list of scripts in softaculous

In the next page list of installable scripts is displayed . In the left side bar select the script which you want to install . To select the script click on it .

Suppose you want to install wordpress mouse over on wordpress icon . To buttons are displayed Install and Demo . To see the demo of script click on the demo button . On to install the script click on the install button .

Follow the installation instructions and proceed . Now your script is installed .

menu bar
menu bar


Check all installed scripts

To check about all installed scripts , go to the top menu and click on the box icon . You get details of all installed scripts on your cPanel .

Video Help

For detailed help see the video .