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4 Steps To Install WordPress In Cpanel ( Apache Server ) And Use It


WordPress is a worlds most popular website and blog making tool .WordPress installation is very easy . Even without coding and programming knowledge you can install wordPress and use it . After purchase domain name and web hosting you can install wordpress on apache and start your website .In this article you will learn how to install wordpress in cpanel (Apache server) . There are two methods for wordpress installation .Read more –Learn what is wordpress

  1. Automatic WordPress installation Using Softaculous 
  2. Install WordPress in cpanel through FTP ( Known as manual installation )

In this article you will learn first method “Automatic installation of wordpress” . It is very easy way for wordpress beginners .  

Install WordPress in Cpanel Automatically Using Softaculous App

Softaculous is a app installer software in cpanel . Almost all of web hosting providers provide Softaculous for automatic application installation . Using softaculous you can install wordpress in cpanel with easy steps .

  1. Login to cpanel
  2. Open Softaculous App Installer
  3. Locate wordpress script can click on install button
  4. Configure website bace end and front setting and install it

Step #1 Login to cPanel

To install wordpress login to your cPanel . Your web host provides you cpanel login details such as

  • Login URL (Provided by web host)
  • UserName (Provided by web host)
  • Password (Provided by web host and can be changed in future)

Login to your cpanel account . Then expand the “Softaculous Apps Installer” tab as showing in the following image .

In cPanel go to softaculous apps installer section . Click on the link softaculous apps installer . A new page is open . In some Computer screens resolutions this folder not displays . In that case scripts icon displayed directly in softaculous Apps installer section .

Scripts icon
Scripts icon

In that case click on the wordpress icon to install it .

Note : In case of you click on wordpress icon in app installer section step #2 is not required .

Step #2 Select wordpress script from new webpage

Click on install Button to wordpress installation
Click on install Button

Mouse Over the wordpress icon and click on install button .

Step #3 Click on install Button

Click on Install WordPress in Softaculous
Click on Install WordPress in Softaculous

In this page you can check your WordPress version , features and demo by click on tabs . Click on install button .

Step #4 Configure Website Settings

In this step wordpress installation page is open . Do the right settings for your wordpress admin panel and front look .

Software Setup Settings


  • In choose protocol select protocol from dropdown menu .If your are using SSL protocol for website then select “https://” otherwise you have to choose “http://
  • Choose Domain : in this section select the domain in which you want to install WordPress . If you want to install wordpress on subdomain then you have to select subdomain from the dropdown list .
  • In Directory : Write the directory name in which you want to install wordpress .In the upper image example WordPress will be installed in http://rechieritan.com/rechie directory .

Site Settings

In the site settings section you can change your front look of your website such as name and tag line of your website .

Site-setting-during-install wordpress in cpanel

In this section website’s front text is defined.

  • Site Name : Choose any site name . This is displayed in the head section of your webpage .
  • Site description : Website’s shot description is written here Which is also tagline of your website
  • Enable Multisite : After enable this feature you can install multiple sites on you wordpress site . Read more about mulisite feature .

Note :  If you don’t know about mulisite then leave it as disabled .

Admin Account


  • Admin username : Choose any username , this is used  for login to wordpress admin dashboard . Remember this username . If you forgot username you can unable to login admin panel . Don’t use default username and password such as “admin” and “pass” it is very harmful for your website security .
  • Admin password : Choose a secure password for your website . Because wordpress is a popular script which is attacked by hackers using brute force method . 
  • Admin email : Write your email address in which you want to receive you password and other details if you forgot it .

Remember all of this section writings .

Choose Language :

  • Select you website’s language for your site such as if “English” for create website in english.

Select Plugins (Optional)

  • Limit Login Attempts : This option is only displayed in wordpress version 4.0 and above . This is a security feature of your wordpress site . With enable this check-box you can limit the login attempts . If anyone can try to login using brute force he/she is disabled or blocked .
    • If you are beginner and don’t know about the login attempts then leave this option. It is a optional feature

Advanced Options (Optional)

You have to leave this option if you are beginner for wordpress . Because wrong setting can corrupt your wordpress installation .

This feature is also shown is advanced wordpress versions . Only use this if you have some deep knowledge of coding or database . In this section you can specify automatic backup settings for your website .

Select Theme (Optional)

Email Installation Details

optional field . You can specify any email in this field . You get all installation details on this email id .

Admin-login-details of wordpress installationon At the end click  install button bellow .It may take 5-10 minutes time according your internet connection speed . WordPress is installed on your Apache server . And your admin login details and store front details just looks like following image

To access your new installed wordpess website your example URL is such as http:/rechieritan.com/rechi where you installed your wordpress .  Your wordpress website’s front look is as the following image

First Blog In WordPress

Access WordPress Admin Panel or Dashboard

To edit details and access Admin panel of your website URL is such as Administrative URL http:/rechieritan.com/rechi/wp-admin . Using this url you can login to admin panel and do whatever you do . Write a post or article , insert page or make any other change what you want to do .

Admin panel of wordpress website

Now your wordpress is completely installed and first demo page is created . With this way you can install wordpress on cpanel automatically using softaculous . But some hosting providers didn’t provide Cpanel and softaculous for application installation . In that case you have to install wordpress using second method “Install WordPress via FTP” .