Step by Step guide to install wordpress using softaculous

Using softaculous you can install wordpress with 4 steps .

Step #1 Login to cPanel

Softaculous is a auto installer software for scripts to create websites . It is very easy to install wordpress using softaculous . To install wordpress login to your cPanel .

Apps installer cpanel
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In cPanel go to softaculous apps installer section . Click on the link softaculous apps installer . A new page is open . In some Computer screens resolutions this folder is not displayed . In that case scripts icon are displayed directly in softaculous Apps installer section like displayed in the following image .

Scripts icon
Scripts icon

In that case click on the wordpress icon to install it . In case of you click on wordpress icon in app installer section step #2 is not required .

Step #2 Select wordpress script from new webpage

Click on install Button
Click on install Button

Mouse Over the wordpress icon and click on install button .

Step #3 Click on install Button

Click on Install WordPress in Softaculous
Click on Install WordPress in Softaculous

In this page you can check your wordpress version , features and demo by click on tabs . Click on install button .

Step #4 WordPress Website Settings

In this step wordpress installation page is open . Do the right settings for your wordpress admin panel and front look .

Software Setup Settings

  • In choose protocol select protocol from dropdown menu .
  • Choose Domain : in this section select the domain in which you want to install wordpress .
  • In Directory : Write the directory name in which you want to install wordpress . In this example i installed wordpress in directory name “site” . So website run on URL .

Database Settings

  • Table settings : By default “wp_” is the prefix for your database table . you can change it (optional) .

Site Settings

In this section website’s front text is defined.

  • Site Name : Choose any site name . This is displayed in the head section of your webpage .
  • Site description : Website’s shot description is written here
  • Enable Multisite : After enable this feature you can install multiple sites on you wordpress site . Read more about mulisite feature .  If you don’t know about mulisite then leave it as disabled .

Admin Account

  • Admin username : Choose any username , this is used  for login to wordpress admin dashboard . Remember this username . If you forgot username you can unable to login admin panel .
  • Admin password : Choose a secure password for your website . Because wordpress is a popular script which is attacked by hackers using brute force method . 
  • Admin email : Write your email address in which you want to recieve you password and other details if you forgot it .

Remember all of this section writings .

Choose Language :

  • Select you website’s language for your site .

Select Plugins

  • Limit Login Attempts : This option is only displayed in wordpress version 4.0 and above . This is a security feature of your wordpress site . With enable this check-box you can limit the login attempts . If anyone can try to login using brute force he/she is disabled or blocked .

Read More website security tips

Advanced Options

This feature is also shown is advanced wordpress versions . Only use this if you have some deep knowledge of coding or database . In this section you can specify automatic backup settings for your website .

Select Theme

Email Installation Details

It is also an optional field . You can specify any email in this field . You get all installation details on this email id .

Video Help

See the step by step video of wordpress installation

After all settings are done click on install button bellow . It may take 5-10 minutes time according your internet connection speed .