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How To Install XAMPP In Windows Step By Step


What is XAMPP

XAMPP is a free open source free web server solution stack package . It is developed by Apache Friends . It is a free application and used to install Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database . User can run server side languages like PHP on It .

Download XAMPP

To install It on windows, download it from website . Download it on desktop . Double click on win32-5.6.8-0-VC11-installer.exe file . Click next button .

Select XAMPP components
Select XAMPP components

Select Components

In the select components form select the components which you want to install on your computer . Apache is selected by default . All other components mysql , filezilla , mercury , tomcat , PHP , Perl , phpMyadmin , webalizer and fake sendmail is all optional components .

Select Installation Path
Select Installation Path

Select Installation Path

In the next section select installation path and click Next . Remember this installation path , You may need this path for run scripts . In this tutorial i install it on c:\xampp .

Click Next and Next . Wait while installation is complete . This may take 10-20 minutes . After installation complete go to start menu . In the search field type xampp control panel . Double click on xampp control panel .

Start Apache and Mysql

Xampp control panel

In the control panel start Apache and MySql . To check that you xampp is working go to your web browser . Type http://localhost and click enter .

If your xampp is working well then xampp default page is displayed . Know you can ready to install php scripts . You can run word’s popular web development scripts on it . you can install wordpress , prestashop , php , joomla , megento etc.