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Convert JPG File To Word Using JPG To Word Converter Using OCR


Convert JPG to word and recognize text of the jpg file

Did you know that it is easy to carry out a JPG to Word conversion without any stress? You might not have known about it, but yes; the magic does exist to convert documents from any format to just any other format you can ever imagine. At one point on our lives or another, we may have a document in an image file that absolutely needs to be converted to a word file. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the magic that a software will use to make that conversion possible.

In this article you will how to convert jpg file to word using Optical Character Recognition or OCR .

Method to convert JPG to Word using  jpg to word converter

You may have spent quite some time on the internet searching for how to freely and easily carry out a JPG to Word conversion. Such a search could be really stressful and to prevent you from undergoing such stress in the future, we introduce what is probably going to be the best JPG to Word converter for you.
You can download the software from http://jpg-to-word-converter.en.softonic.com It is also downloadable from http://products.softsolutionslimited.com/img2ocr/category/jpg_to_word.htm

These simple steps after the download will make you triumph over all JPG to Word conversions you may have ever had.

Install JPG To Word Converter
Install JPG To Word Conveter

• First, run the setup on your PC. After the installation, the software’s default homepage is something like this.

• Upload the JPG file you want to convert. You can either select a file from your computer, or scan one from a connected scanner.

Run conversion software
Run conversion software

• Select the output format, the format you want to convert the file to. This would naturally be Word (Doc) since that’s our focus in this article.

Select The jpg file and upload it to convert jpg to text
Select The jpg file and upload it

• Finally, click “Save” and watch your conversion being done clean and easy.
Should you need assistance, you can watch a video tutorial for this software at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrc_GtgSdFo
Ensure that the quality of your image file is good. This is to enable you have the most accurate results possible.