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know about computer? what is computer and its parts


what is computer or PC?

Computer is an electronic machine that is designed to do many functions and one time.It is also known as PC.The word computer is made from the Latin word ‘computare’, this means machine for calculations.A computer is used for store,process and retrieve information or data.you can create documents,send emails,play games and use internet with the PC.

Charles Babbage is the first inventor of the computer. The First PC is a mechanical machine designed by Charles Babbage and it was called Analytical Engine. It uses read-only memory in the form of punch cards.

know about computer? what is computer and its parts
know about computer? what is computer and its parts

A Computer has mainly three parts.

input unit, data processing unit,output part

Data Input Unit in Computer

Data Input Unit is hardware ,used for give the input to C.P.U. Keyboard,Mouse,light pen,scanner are examples of data input devices.

input device in computer
input device in computer

Data Processing Unit in PC

C.P.U is called as data processing unit.when user give input to C.P.U with any input device like keyboard or mouse the data processing unit or cpu process the data and display or store the information.Data processing unit,use the RAM,ROM,hard disk and Processor to process the data.

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Central Processing Unit or CPU
Central Processing Unit or CPU

Output unit in Computer

Output unit of PC is the unit that is used to transfer the data out of the pc.Output device send the information in the form of text, images, sounds and other media for display on screen, printer, loudspeaker or storage device. display the stored information,retrieved data,calculation results or other raw data.Output are electronic or electro-mechanical devices that are connected to a pc.

Working of computer

For understand the working of computer imagine that you press the alphabet “a” in keyboard. keyboard is an input device.It send the information to central processing unit (CPU)of pc.Processor process the information and tell the monitor to display the alphabet “a” on screen