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Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting Which One Choose


Which One Is Best Hosting Between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

Linux hosting vs Windows hosting, which one to choose? This question probably looms in the mind of every person who is looking forward to supplement his/her website by procuring hosting services. Although, both platforms are highly proven and offer extensive hosting support packages for both professional and beginner online business entrepreneurs, the decision has to be made between the two.

The following section sheds some light on various parameters that acts as yardsticks to measure the performance of both Linux and windows hosting platforms thus allowing you to make a selection. Let’s have a look.

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting Which One to Choose
Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting Which One to Choose

Difference between Linux Hosting  and Windows Hosting


Although, a notion floats in the market that Linux is regarded as a standout performer when it comes to choosing a platform for hosting, performance of Windows can’t be ignored. Most webmasters suggest that performance wise, users can choose either of the two, provided the fact that an experienced and skilled administrator is tasked with the operation of a hosting platform.


Windows platforms were touted to be notoriously unsteady in the past, which is the prime reason for a majority of hosting service seekers to display a sharp inclination towards acquiring Linux platforms for hosting services. However, today, windows hosting platforms provide nearly the same amount of stability as the Linux platform does and can be chosen to supplement your website.

Static Pages

When it comes to the capability of hosting static pages, both Linux and Windows nearly perform in an identical fashion. Test results show that a negligible difference existed between the performances of either of the two hosting platforms.A static web page is a web page that is delivered to the user exactly as stored.And a dynamic web page which are generated by a web application.

User Convenience

Windows have always been known to present users with a streamlined and seamless user-interface. However, it is worth noting that operations with your hosting platform will be largely restricted to the control panel of the server. Therefore, even if the Windows hosting platform provides a nice GUI, it is unlikely that you will be able to make the most out of it.


Security is by far the biggest concern for both Linux and Windows hosting platforms. It is the most debatable topic among hosting experts. However, today windows hosting platforms provide the same kind of security features as Linux hosting; therefore choosing between the two on terms of security doesn’t really have to be complicated.

It is clear from the above section that Linux hosting vs Windows hosting is indeed an overrated topic. There is no winner in this contest and both the platforms score nearly equal points in all segments. It is primarily up to you choose between the two, or decide whether you like the ‘W’ or the ‘L’ word.