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Learn About Local Area Network Connection (LAN)


What is local area network connection or Lan

A local-area network (LAN) is word used for a computer network . Before learn about LAN , learn what is computer network . A local area network (LAN) is a computer network . With this network two or more computers internally connected within a limited area .

For Example with LAN you can connect your home computer with you office computer . You can share one computer’s hardware and files using Local Area Network .

With LAN you can connect within their smaller geographic area using telecommunication lines. In this network one computer is connected with others using telecommunication wires or radio waves .

Ethernet cable network
Ethernet cable network

How It Works

To connect and share two or more computers with local area network an application programs can be on the LAN server . After Run lan server user can download and upload files from one computer other network computer with permission .

With in the network or lan server Users can print document remotely , Use other services or network computer which is needed .  User can read ,write and execute the file and applications which are shared on local area network server .

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Who create the lan connection on pc ,known as administrator of the server . Administrator provide other permit to other computer’s user ,that he can read file only , Read file and Edit file or Read ,edit and execute file and applications .

A LAN server may also be used as a Web server if safeguards are taken to secure internal applications and data from outside access.


  • Connected two or more pc’s using LAN wires is example of telecommunication lines type connection . This type of connection is also known as networking through Ethernet Cable .
  • Using Wi-Fi is the second way to create local area network with radio waves .


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