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Loop Definition – What Is Loop In Computer Programming


Loop Definition

loop is a sequence of instructions which is continually repeated . This sequence is repeated until a certain condition is reached.

When sequence of instructions reach on condition then loop stops running .

It is a the principles and methods of instruction programming language designed by Uwe Schöning . It is work along with GOTO and WHILE.

LOOPs programs always terminate . Therefore, the set of functions computable by LOOPs-programs is a proper subset of computable functions (and thus a subset of the computable by WHILE and GOTO program functions).

Woking and usage

It is used for shorting the codes such as you can use a simple loop to shortning a big size if statement . We can understand this with a simple example . If statement is used to compare or match conditions . PHP if statment example .


A tex tbox is created in program . In this text box user can type any digit within 0-9 . when we execute this input text ,program get value of this text box and add numbers one by one till than result reach on number 10 .

loop definition and working
loop definition and working

To get value and compare and add number we can use multiple if statements . But with it we create a large 12-15 lines code . At this time Loops are very helpful to make a short and powerful code