Subdomain – How to create ,uses and delete subdomains

What is subdomain ?

A subdomain is a child domain of main domain. It is as sub division of a domain. A sub domain is may be second website with unique content or same website with different content.

When main domain is deleted , sub domain is automatically deleted. You can create many sub domains in one domain. Sub domain format is as . This is child domain of .

Create Subdomain

Fill the field to create subdomain
Fill the field to create subdomain

It is easy to create sub domain on main domain. To create a sub domain login to cPanel and go to domain section . It this example i create subdomain “”

Click on Subdomains . In create sub domain section , Fill sub domain name in sub domain field. Fill “cdn” . Next field select the parent domain to .

Create a document root public_html/cdn . Click on create button . Know subdomain is created . sub domain is listed bellow .

Subdomain list
Sub domain list

Delete Subdomain

You can delete you sub domains from the list . Click to remove button in front of the sub domain which you want to delete . For example you want to click to remove link in front of it.

Benefits of using sub domain

There are many benefits to create subdomains rather than a directory folder .

  • You can easily manage different contents with sub domains .
  • You can analyze traffic easily on each sub domain.

For video help click on the link  .