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Monetize Blog – What is Content Monetization


What is Monetize

Monetize means convert something into form of currency or money . Word monetize has different meanings depending on the context . In web designing and blogging monetize means make money from blog .

Generate money from website or blog is called content monetization . It can refer to methods utilized to generate profit, while it also can literally mean the conversion of an asset into money .

Make Money From Blog
Monetize Content

Content Monetization

In content monetization a blog or website is created . After that blog is submited to advertisement networks such as Google AdSense .

If your blog is approved according network policies ,then you are provided ads in the form of javascript , iframe , articles and videos etc .

When your blog viewer click on this advertisment you get money from the ad provider networks

How It Works

Working of monetize or content monetization is simple . Ad networks are like middle men between you and companies who place advertisements . Companies pay to ad networks for ads and ad networks pay to you .


A Shoe manufacturer company company by advertisment pack from ad network such as google adsense . Company pay 1$ per click to adsense . Adsense pay you 10 cents for this ad .

Adsense place these ads on your website’s if your blog is approved . When visitor click on this ad you will receive 10 cent .

Types of content that can monetize

Some for content types are as follows witch are monetized and you can generate income with them .

  1. Monetize videos
  2. Audio monetization
  3. Website content monetize
  4. Write your content for others
  5. Apps monetize
  6. Games monetization

Some examples ad networks are popular on internet as follows 

  1. Buy sell ads   User can purchase and sell ads for their content . But for appoval to buy sell ads you have a lagre number of traffic .
  2. Taboola have also required large number of traffic to approve website to get ads . It advertise third party articles on your website .
  3. Outbrain is also works like taboola .
  4. Google Adsense With this user can monetize website , video ,apps and games . This is most popular ad network due to less aproval conditions .
  5. Taggstar (Monetize Graphics)
  6. Chitika approval is very easy . It provide pop up , overlay and redirect ads .
  7. Bidvertiser is also works as chitika .
  8. Double click for Advertisers (DFA) is an ad management and ad serving solution . It helps agencies and advertisers manage the  digital advertising programs .